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What is the “Contract Time” allowed?

To allow our couples to have a full wedding experience without feeling rushed we only book 1 event a day!

You and your guest will have access to the venue for 12 hours. The bridal suite opens at 10AM for bridal party to relax and prepare for the event. Music must be off by 10PM leaving an hour to gather personal belongings and off the premises by 11PM.

Just added: Micro wedding package which would allow you 5 hours from start to finish with a maximum of 20 guest.

What is the difference between a wedding coordinator vs. wedding planner vs venue coordinator/facilitator?

As a “Wedding Planner” you are working with the planning and preparation process of the wedding. This includes having specific discussions about the needs and wants of the bride and groom with consideration in terms of schedule, resources and budget. A wedding planner is usually hired early in the process and is your personal consultant with a wide focus on every detail of the event. Your wedding planner has the expertise and advice that will best suit your vision. The planner will serve as the client’s resource person for vendors, designers and details of the wedding. Your planner will have the organizational skills and variety of contacts in the industry and is present to assist you with decisions. But, you as the client make the final decision. They oversee time management for your wedding day, trouble shoot as needed as well as ensure quality control of set up and personalized décor.

The “Wedding Coordinator” works just as that. Generally, this person will work with you in the final 2 months of your wedding preparation. The main responsibility of the wedding coordinator is to oversee and confirm all details and make sure that everything is in order. Coordination involves everyone connected with the wedding to include the client/couple, their families, vendors, designers, the venue and service staff. Along with this includes the ceremony and reception from start to finish. The Wedding Coordinator’s work is generally done mostly on the wedding day itself with the aim to please both the client and their guests.

A Venue Coordinator/Facilitator is one who works for the venue. They act as a liaison between the bride, groom and the venue. Their focus for the day is delivering their contracted services for the venue, assuring it is set up correctly, taking care of any unforeseen issues with the venue and being available for any venue related issues. This person does not generally assist with any wedding coordinating services.

Written by Marta Kastner (Affair Extraordinaire by Marta)

What do I need to do in order to secure a date?

For a 12 hour rental: a payment of $1500 is due to secure your date, followed by 3 additional payments; 9 months prior to event date, 6 months prior to event date and the final remaining balance due 2 months prior to event date.  Credit card and ACH debit payments may be made through online invoicing.  Checks, cash and credit cards accepted. Monthly payment plans may be negotiated at the discretion of TGBF owner.

Will I have a Final “Walk Thru” before my event?

Final tour with caterer, wedding planner and The Gardens at Bethlehem Farms to confirm times, drop-offs and set-up for day of the event will be 2-3 weeks before your event date

What if I have to cancel my event?

All cancellations must be in writing, all payments are non-refundable.

What if there is an “act of God” and I have to Reschedule my Event?

In the event of inclement weather (i.e., snow or ice), or acts of God, then, at The Gardens at Bethlehem Farm’s discretion, the event shall be rescheduled by agreement of Renter and The Garden’s at Bethlehem Farms based upon availability. PLEASE obtain wedding change of date/cancellation insurance for your individual protection and peace of mind.

I have some questions about the Execution of this Contract:

Renter and The Gardens at Bethlehem Farms shall execute this contract simultaneously. Both parties must sign for contract to be binding and in effect.

May I choose my own Vendors?

We can supply a list of our recommended vendors who we believe would provide a great experience for you or you also can choose your own vendors.

What do you mean by Conduct at the TGBF?

Good order and proper decorum will be maintained by all persons participating.

Anyone under the influence of alcohol, not acting in a safe manner around the bon fire, or generally disruptive and or combative, will be removed at the discretion of TGBF to ensure the safety of your guests and property.

What is the maximum capacity for the barn and farm grounds?

Maximum guest count is 240. 

Can guests smoke or vape on the property?

Smoking and or vaping are permitted ONLY in designated areas of the property. Absolutely NO Smoking or vaping will be permitted in the barn and bridal suite.

Will someone from TGBF be at my event?

TGBF staff member will be on premises at all times during an event.

What do I do if I rent things that I need to use for my event?

All drop offs and pickups must be arranged through the wedding planner Affairs Extraordinaire or TGBF Manager and agreed upon before the day of the event.  All personal rentals or all personal property must be removed by conclusion of event date.  TGBF will not be held responsible for any personal items left on premises.

Do I have to remove the trash from my event?

All trash must be removed from bridal suite, barn, restrooms and venue grounds at the conclusion of the event by renter (client) and or catering service. Receptacles will be provided for your convenience.

Do you have catering guidelines?

A FULL-SERVICE caterer is required for the event.

A list of full service caterer recommendations from various price points will be provided to each client that they can choose from. However we are open to discussing the possibility of other caterers a client may have in mind.

Full service minimal requirements are listed below:

  • Copy on file of valid catering license.
  • Certificate of insurance.
  • Event Linens must be delivered to venue by 10am on event date or day prior.
  • Arrive at least 1 hour or more prior to cocktail hour start time. Please keep in mind work traffic conditions may alter your travel time to our venue location.
  • Stay 1 hour after scheduled event end time to complete venue clean-up checklist.
  • Begin busing all guest areas in use during cocktail time and throughout entire event. Venue areas include around the barn, fountain area, gazebo area etc. Please staff your team accordingly to insure used items are removed from guest areas promptly! 
  • Remove trash promptly using bags provided by your catering service.
  • Clean up of broken glass and food spills ASAP
  • Collaborate with bar service provider and wedding planner to facilitate plan for toast, if any.
  • Serve appetizers and preferred drinks to Bride & Groom immediately after ceremony.
  • Serve Bride & Groom preferred dinner and beverage choices prior to serving guest.
  • Supply clean-up items such as trash bags, dish or bar cloths, detergent, bins for busing, etc.
Is parking available?

Parking Area is located at the far end of the property behind the building with the double garage doors. There will be signs/arrows set up on the day of your event to direct you to the parking lot. Please see guest information & map link for more information.

Do I have to provide flowers to decorate the farm the day of my event?

Renter is free to decorate with flowers and foliage as it relates to their event. To the extent current TGBF décor or flowers are removed and/or replaced in connection with the event, such plans must be coordinated and approved by the TGBF manager.  Upon completion of the event, such flowers may remain or be removed depending on agreement with TGBF manager. In the event they are moved, they must be replaced with flowers comparable to what was in place prior to the event. 

Am I allowed to use real candles for my ceremony?

The use of open flamed, real candles is prohibited in the barn and house.

What happens if something is damaged or broken during my ceremony?

Renters and caterers are responsible for any violations of these guidelines and any damages sustained by TGBF as a result of such violation to the extent of full restoration. The house, gardens and barn must be left in the same condition it was found prior to the event.

What information should I provide my guests who are attending an event in a barn or gardens area:

To ensure your guest will be comfortable for your event, we suggest giving them as much information as possible as it relates to your specific planned event.

Please click here for guest information & map. Providing your guests with a copy of this would be most helpful.

Am I allowed to have my pets on the property?

Yes, but we do require:

1. There is a designated person responsible for said “renters’ pet” at all times while on TGBF property. 

2. Designated person takes full responsibility for proper care, behavior, interaction with guests and will arrange for pet departure from property at appropriate time as agreed between renter and TGBF manager.

3. Renters must provide a copy from a veterinarian stating the animal is current on all vaccinations.

4. TGBF reserves the right to ask animals to be removed if not calm and compliant.

What services are included with your wedding planner as part of your pricing?

12 hour rentals for weddings include a Full Service Wedding planner, Affair Extraordinaire by Marta, who has a 5 star rating.

Their services include:

  • Planning meetings

  • Review vendor contracts and offer advice during the process

  • Develop and facilitate a detailed event timeline

  • Rehearsal assistance as needed

  • Simple ceremony set Up

  • Reception/décor table design, set up, clean up and pack up

  • Large inventory of decor/props at NO additional cost if you book with us

Do you require event insurance?

The Gardens at Bethlehem Farm requires the CLIENT purchase and maintain event liability insurance, as well as host liquor liability provision (if alcohol is being served) for event date(s).

The certificate MUST include the following 1) The Gardens at Bethlehem Farm and address as additional insured, 2) 1,000,000 liability coverage.

Cancellation insurance is not required but highly recommend for your own peace of mind. We advise you ask what is covered and what is not covered before purchasing.

Can I add my own decorations?

No open flames inside or near the barn. Battery operated candles only are permitted inside the barn.

Floating lanterns and balloon releases are prohibited.

Please do not use nails, bards or staples, if you need to secure something, we do allow command strips.

Artificial flower petals, glitter, confetti, rice and bird seed are prohibited.

Live petals are permitted outside only.

Straw/hay may be used outside in the grassy areas only.

Sparklers are permitted outside and ONLY under the supervision of the wedding planner or TGBF staff.

All personal decorations must be removed at the conclusion of your event.

What spaces are included?

With a 12 hour rental you have access to the bridal suite starting at 10am until the start of the ceremony.

You will also have full use of the property to include: two outdoor ceremony options and 1 indoor ceremony option, stone bar area on lower level and reception area which can seat up to 240 guests.


With a micro wedding times are limited to a weekday mon-wed during prime wedding season or weekends from mid November-mid April. We have two packages available for 40 guests or less. A micro wedding allows you 5 hours total with access to the top of the barn for a ceremony followed by a reception set up for 20 guests or less in the stone area downstairs.

Where is the bridal suite?

The bridal suite is in half of the farmhouse, upstairs and down, with your own private entrance. Please refer to the guest information & map link further information on where the entrance to the farmhouse is located.

During a 12-hour rental for a wedding you will have access to the bridal suite starting at 10am until your ceremony starts. Personal items must be removed prior to ceremony. Suite doors will be locked at start of ceremony.

Do you allow alcohol?

Yes. Alcoholic beverages will be served through an approved bartender/bartending service:

Bartending Service minimal requirements:

  • Copy on file of valid MD bartender certification.

  • Copy of Certificate of Insurance and host liquor liability.

  • Staffed appropriately to provide safe beverage service in accordance to MD alcohol consumption laws.

  • Staffed appropriately to maintain a clean, safe and tidy work area at all times.

  • Clean up of broken bottles and bar service ware ASAP.

  • Arrive in time to set up bar area, chill beverages and tidy up prior to guest arrival time.

  • Limit storage of items including ice to under the bar area only to facilitate a pleasing appearance to our guest at all times. Additional items may be stored in catering area for restocking.

  • Collaborate with caterer and wedding planner to facilitate plan for toast, if any.

  • Box up bar items for family to load at end of event.

  • Completely empty bar area wipe down bar top of all residue, box bar items to send home

  • Empty galvanized containers, bucket and strainer, clean and store upside down at bar back.

  • Trash emptied, cans hosed out and stored upside down at bar back.

  • Bar back hosed down as needed.

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